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August 19-21, 2016
AWAKE is a call for new life for every generation.  Through training and local outreach, your hearts will be awakened to the love of God, and to the needs of others.
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Coming into something new can be intimidating.  We want you to know up front that you are welcome here.  You may have questions and we want to do our best to answer them and help you to find a home with our family. Read More…

Sundays: 8:30, 10:00am (Summer)
2658 Ospika Blvd. | 250.562.3711

Stories of the Kingdom

“In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit.” -Tolkien

When we hear the word “Kingdom,” our thoughts often lean towards fantasy movies and literature. “Kingdom” is a word that has deep meaning in the Bible and there are many stories from Jesus that talk about a different kind of kingdom. A kingdom that is still alive and active in the world today. A kingdom where all are invited
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