Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Rosanna

I am excited to introduce you to someone dear to me. Rosanna is the Mom of one of my dearest childhood friends. I spent alot of time in her home especially as a teen. Rosanna always welcomed our crew. Her cheery demeanor and warmth made us feel welcome and at home. 

Over the years Rosanna’s joy in the Lord and resilience through adversity has been a witness of God’s grace and power to me. Her love and trust in him has been a strong influence and example to me. I miss our Sunday hugs! 

Please settle in, get comfortable. I cannot wait for you to know Rosanna better and be inspired by her faith.

WW: Lets start with you telling us about yourself. Where did you grow up?

RK: I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta. At age 7, I had lost my parents through natural death and was adopted as an only child and thus separated from my seven siblings. It was lonely but I had many ‘new ‘ cousins so had friends to play with. Growing up in G.P. I was introduced to Sunday School, church, singing hymns, Bible camps, and it was there I first committed my heart to Jesus. At age 13 I was baptized with the desire to serve the Lord. I believe the Lord was with me through the teen years and I’m thankful for a good home.

After high school I worked in a bank for a year, then spent six months at the Baptist Leadership Training School in Calgary and back again at the bank for a year. I then went for teacher training in Vancouver – something special – it was there I met a young medical student from LaGlace, Alberta. When I was introduced to him, I responded, “Oh, I’ve heard about you”. Little did I know I’d someday be his bride! (God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform). Two years later we were married and we had 60 years and 8 months together! I was truly blessed to have him for a life partner. Dan passed away April 12 , 2018 – a sudden heart attack. I’m expecting to meet him again when Jesus takes me home.

WW: How long have you been in Prince George?

RK: We came to Prince George with our first child, Laurel, in 1960 where Dan began his medical practice – a 4-year locum for Dr. John Willms who went for surgery training and MCC medical relief work. Living in P.G. was good. We made friends and explored the area and in fact, bought our first piece of Canada (neighbourhood to Ness Lake Bible (Camp).

When we arrived in P.G. plans to establish an M. B. Church were underway and in Nov. 1960 we became 2 of 19 charter members of Peden Hill M.B. Church under the leadership of John Esau ( later named Westwood M.B. Church). Dan continued his general medical practice and we had two boys, Alan & Nathan. In Dec. 1969 when we went to the Belgian Congo for two years to relieve Dr. Ferd Pauls who was in need of a furlough. Shortly before we left Congo, our Daughter, Erin was born, delivered by her dad- it was a completely ‘do it yourself job’ but with our heavenly Father’s attendance!

Returning from the Congo, Dan took up residency in Ophthalmology at McGill University in Montreal. That was a very interesting city but Dan was so busy we couldn’t explore nearly everything. Our family was happy to return to Prince George. We had many good years water skiing, snow skiing, visiting extended families, playing games, especially Rook, Christmas gatherings. Our children all grew up and graduated from high school here. Our dear Erin was in a car accident and went to be with our Lord at age 19. The other three are all married and living happily together and have given us nine grandchildren.. They have been a great help when we moved into Riverbend and especially to me when, three weeks later their dad, my loving husband passed away. I’m very thankful for God’s love and care through it all.

WW: A tight family who knew how to play together!  Those bonds have strengthened through loss. I have many memories of your generous giving of your time and abilities to our Westwood Family over the years. How have you volunteered and served at Westwood?

RK: In the early years Dan was deacon in the church, I taught Sunday school and Pioneer Girls was involved in Ladies Mission Circle and we both sang in the choir. We also enjoyed having people over for Sunday lunch. I also led a Friendship Bible coffee at our home.

WW: What has life been like for you the past few years?

RK: I am very grateful for our family, friends and Westwood church for the love shown to me over the past two years since Dan’s passing. People come to visit and help, make phone calls, bring meals & flowers, showing they care. My Bible reading and prayers have certainly shown me countless ways in which God loves and cares.

Truly: Jesus knows, He Loves, He cares, nothing this truth can dim,

He gives the best of everything to those who leave the task to Him.

WW: It is good to see the body of Christ live well. What are you appreciating about the changes in life due to the impact of the pandemic?

RK: None of my family live here, but it’s great to see my family on FaceTime when we phone each other. I’m very thankful for their love and communication.

We: What do you miss about life before social distancing and the Pandemic situation?

RK: I miss visiting with family, friends and social gatherings, church services and the hugs I used to get. However, through it all, I try to remember Ephesians 3:20b -”to Him who by His mighty power is able accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope”. Thanks to my heavenly Father.


Rosanna, your gratitude and acknowledgment of God’s hand and work in your life through all the ups and downs are such a powerful example to us and such a beautiful witness to God’s love for his people. Thank you for your faithfulness through life’s experiences and the witness you have been. Praying you can have more time with your precious family soon!