Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Murray and Rebecca

I am so excited to introduce you to Murray and Rebecca and hope you are encouraged by their story!

WW: Let’s start with you telling us about yourselves. Where did you grow up?
Murray: I grew up in Vanderhoof.
Rebecca: I was born in the Lower Mainland and then my family moved to a small town called Rock Creek in Southern BC.

WW: Tell us a bit about your family:

M & R: We were both studying at UNBC and met at Westwood through Young Adults and choir. We got married in 2008 and moved to Vancouver the following year for Murray to go to UBC. I(Rebecca) worked as an RN while Murray studied law. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Lower Mainland. We were able to develop some close friendships, we deepened our relationships with a lot of family, and we loved enjoying the beauty of Vancouver. It was also a challenging time. Law school at times was overwhelming and emotionally draining. We also missed the sense of community we had felt in Prince George and at Westwood.

We were thrilled to welcome our first son into our family while we were in Vancouver. Murray got a job in Prince  George shortly after and we were excited to move back. We felt a sense of peace the day that we drove back into PG 🙂 Since returning from Vancouver we’ve had three more kids.

WW: What do you do for fun together?
M & R: We love getting outside, going for walks and bike rides, skating at our local outdoor rinks, and spending time with extended family.

WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and how have you enjoyed serving our community?
M & R: We both started attending 16 years ago. We both thoroughly enjoyed participating in the choir and Murray singing and drumming in worship team. It was a real encouragement to connect with others through music and serve at Westwood in that way. It has been a huge blessing being in community with others through small group as well.

WW: What has life been like for you the last few years?
M & R: Life has changed a lot since we came back from Vancouver. Our second child, Hazel, died when she was only 10 days old. Everything changed for us on that day. There have been a lot of ups and downs. Murray has been in the beginning of his career and we have had two more children. In that we have tried to process our grief and the impact this loss has had on our family.

WW: What are you appreciating about life right now?
M & R: We have felt so much support from our community, including our church family. We are so thankful for that! I(Rebecca) am loving being a mom right now and am so thankful for our family.

WW: What is challenging in life right now?  What is God teaching you in this time?
M & R: Trying to juggle the demands of work, home, and relationships in our home has felt exhausting at times.

In this all, we recognize God’s sovereignty and love, and despite both of us being challenged in our faith, we have felt he is faithful. Doubt and anxiety have been very present in our lives but we know God is good. And we are excited to see how he will continue to reveal Himself to us, in our home, and in our community, over the years to come.

Thanks so much Murray and Rebecca.  We are holding on to the promise that God is for you and will always remain faithful.