Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Michael and Sharron

Here we are with our Get To Know Your Westwood Family Saturday Feature and again, I cannot wait to introduce you to another incredible family in our congregation!
Michael and Sharon walked into Westwood and into our Young Married Small Group in 2004 and have been such a blessing to us and our Westwood Family! We have loved watching them grow from a couple to a family and watching them parent with intentionality, fun and purpose.
Enjoy getting to know this remarkable couple!

WW: Let’s start with you telling us about yourselves.

WW: Where did you grow up?
Michael: PG boy born and raised. Growing up I always thought I’d move away but the older I got the more I understood what PG had to offer. IT professional working in Healthcare and helping raise three amazing children with Sharon the best blond hair blue eyed girl I ever met.

Sharon: I was an MK, was born and lived in Surniame S. America till I was 10. After that I lived in Alberta, went to nursing school and graduated as a LPN in ‘99 and then went back got my RN in 2004. Michael and I started dating shortly after and were married the next summer. We’re celebrating our 15 wedding anniversary this summer! We have three kids, a dog, two hamsters, a fish, and two bunnies just joined our home.

WW: Tell us a bit about your family and what you do for fun together?
We’ve loved the experience and memories of travelling together, especially to Africa. Closer to home we enjoy hiking, mountain biking and camping. Michael and the kids are big Star Wars fans, Sharon knows the basics of Star Wars only 🙂

WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and how have you enjoyed serving our community?
We started attending Westwood in 2004 and then became members several years later. We both have worked in children’s ministry over the years but the past two years we’ve seemed to have found our calling leading an incredible group of young adults.

WW: What has life been like for you the last few years?
Michael: The last few years have been fairly challenging personally. My father passed away at the end of 2018 after 9 years battling cancer. Our family is really close (like eating dinner together once a week close) so Dad’s passing has left a pretty big hole in our family. But time does heal and I can see the wisdom God had taking him when he did.

Sharon: Life the past few years has been a time of transition for me. Trying to live intentionally each day, loving my family and raising our kids. Figuring out where and how much I work as a nurse outside of my already full-time Mom job at home.

WW: What are you appreciating about the changes in life due to the impact of the Pandemic?
Michael: Being in healthcare makes appreciating a pandemic difficult but I’d say watching my children grow closer together has been something good. I also appreciate the great outdoors around PG, so many good trails to hike and bike.

Sharon: I enjoyed slowing down, and feeling a bit more of a balance to life. I’ve seen in a new ways how much we don’t actually need and also reflected on things that keep me busy that maybe shouldn’t.
Home schooling the kids after Spring Break was a big learning curve for us all but we managed. I learned new things about my kid’s personalities and about my own. 🙂 Because of the pandemic we got really intentional each day about going out on adventures and hikes as a family and have explored tons of trails around PG.

WW: Michael and Sharon, it has been quite a journey and it has been inspiring to watch you seek God through it. What do you miss about life before social distancing and the Pandemic situation?
Michael: Having our friends over, eating a meal and laughing at life.

Sharon: I miss having people into our home. I also miss just being able to go out and do things with the kids around PG especially now that its summer.

WW: Community, sharing meals and having fun together is such a big part of life. That has been challenging! What is God teaching you in this time?
Michael: Balance, learning to balance my time and not give into the demands of the job. Also, I continue to see God teaching me to listen to his prompting. Living at a pace that I have time to sense and hear what God wants me do to, something as simple as going to visit mom and see how she’s doing.

Sharon: SO many things. That God is God and I am not! That God is such a faithful provider. Living in uncertainty that He is still in control and always will be. So much of the purpose I feel for me days unraveled because of the pandemic and that’s been hard. God’s showing me that the purpose of my day is to bring Him Glory and that my value to Him doesn’t come from my checklist of things I’ve accomplished. That I need to slow down and just be in His presence. God has led me to look for answers to prayers that I have prayed over the years that He is answering now in and through this.

Michael and Sharon, thank you for sharing what God is doing in your lives with us, for being open about the hard parts of life and how you are seeking to bring God into the moments of each day so that His purpose and love saturates all you do.
May God’s faithfulness continue to direct you, may love and abiding in Him continue to set your compass. And enjoy the adventures of summer with your beautiful family!!