Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Michael and April

Welcome to another Saturday morning edition of ✨Get to Know your Westwood Family!✨

Are you enjoying this way of meeting one another and building our community? I am loving this chance to get to know our amazing family members. Hearing How God is working in their lives has been such  an encouragement

I would like to introduce April and Michael Minard. They are an inclusive, Kingdom-minded couple. They have joined  and immersed themselves in a small group and built tight community.

Read on and meet this lively and lovely young couple!

WW: Let’s start with you telling us about yourselves.
Where did you grow up?
We were both born in Smither but grew up in Prince George. Despite this we didn’t meet until 2017!

WW: So funny it took so long for you to meet! God was waiting for the right time! What do you do for fun together?

We love to hike, bike ride, play board games, watch movies, and spend time with friends.
WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and what has your involvement been in our community?
We started going to Westwood together in 2018. Michael plays electric guitar on the worship team and April recently started volunteering in children’s ministry! We joined a wonderful small group this year and have been so blessed by the community we’ve found

WW: Small groups are such a great way of getting to know others well. What has life been like for you the last few years?

Last few years have been very busy for both of us!
April graduated Dental Hygiene school at CNC last spring, and has been working full time ever since. Michael has been working on his Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and is currently doing research on Tree Swallows at UNBC as part of his undergrad. On top of school and work we also got married last summer and honeymooned in Golden, BC.

WW: Congratulations on your wedding last summer! What are you appreciating about the changes in life due to the impact of the Pandemic?

A: I’ve really loved how we’ve been forced to appreciate our own communities – from eating and shopping locally to camping and hiking within the province. I’ve felt more connected to friends and was able to get a lot accomplished during the time I was laid off!

M: I’ve appreciated how it has caused us to see what is really important in life and rethink our priorities.  Also spending more time outside!

WW: I love that you used this opportunity to evaluate your priorities. What do you miss about life before social distancing and the Pandemic?

A: My life has gone probably 95% back to normal with going back to work, seeing close friends, services reopening, etc. but I do miss worshipping with the entire congregation

M: hanging out with friends, going to coffee shops to do school work, going to school.

WW: What is God teaching you in this time?

The importance of a good community. The importance of stillness and time by yourself (away from the internet)
To look for His hand (and all of his wonderful gifts!) in our day to day lives, to acknowledge it and praise Him for it.

I love how you are making space for God to teach you in this time and the powerful lessons of gratitude, acknowledgment of God’s gifts and His plan for His people to live in community together. Thank you for sharing with us. May God continue to meet with and shape you in this time.