Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Ken and Bes

We are excited to introduce you to Ken and Bes Gagnon. We have been blessed by the love and support of this couple through the years first by serving together in Youth, and through so many other ways within our church family.

Their smiles, warmth, humor and thoughtfulness are contagious and we as a church family are so blessed by their generosity in using their giftings to serve and love the larger body.

Please take a minute to get to know this fabulous couple a little better!

Let’s start with you telling us about yourselves.

WW: Where did you grow up?

KEN: I grew up all across Canada from Prince Edward Island to Prince George. We moved every 2 years and this is where my mom and dad decided to retire. I have been in PG since 1973. We were married 41 years ago this summer and raised 3 boys who are now happily married, 2 here in PG and one in Lethbridge.

BES: I grew up in Worsley, a small town in northern Alberta. My father moved the family there when I was 2 as he felt God calling him to work with the First Nations population in Northern Alberta.

WW: What do you do for fun together?
KEN & BES: We enjoy hiking, downhill skiing, camping, kayaking, snowshoeing & travelling.

WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and how have you enjoyed serving our church or community?

KEN: I have been attending Westwood for 38ish years. I have been involved in a number of things from teaching 4 year olds Sunday school to being a trustee…too many things to mention. Currently Bes and I lead a small group and usher together and I help with junior youth.
BES: I have been attending Westwood for 41 years. I have also been involved in numerous things at Westwood from teaching the same 4 year old Sunday school to working with the Christmas dessert concerts as well as many other things.
Together we do enjoy serving our Westwood family!!I

WW: What Joy’s or challenges have you faced in the last few years?
KEN: In the last few years my biggest joys have been seeing our boys get married to beautiful young women & delight us with 4 grandsons. Leading a small group full of people I see as much more mature in their faith has been a challenge for me but one I really do enjoy.

BES: My biggest joy in the last 5 years has been our 4 grandsons! Oh my goodness they are great!!  My biggest challenge has been watching my mother age (she is 96 and lives in Grande Prairie Alberta) and not being able to see her and help with her care as much as I would like to.

WW: What are you appreciating about the changes in life due to the impact of the Pandemic?

KEN: I guess the only thing I appreciate is the fact that my evenings have been slowed down considerably, but it can sometimes be boring.
BES: I am appreciating the slower lifestyle that the pandemic has brought. No rushing home and rushing out again. I also appreciate the fact that I seem to be doing things I can more intentionally – not because it’s the thing to do and is expected of me.

WW: What do you miss about life before social distancing and the Pandemic situation? How is God meeting with you in this time?

KEN: The thing I have missed most is connecting with people at church and other groups I am involved in. As far as how God has met me in this time, I guess that would be that He has definitely helped me by keeping me from going crazy in respect to no social time. I have spent more time at home with Bes which often leads to discussions on faith or the sermon.

BES: I am a bit of an introvert and I still went to work everyday so I didn’t really miss the social aspect, other than not seeing my family. God is meeting me as always – reminding me that He is still in control, that He will NEVER leave me, that He is not surprised or caught off guard by this. He is reminding me of the many things we have to be thankful for even in this pandemic and some things to be thankful for because of the pandemic.

Ken and Bes, thank you so much for taking the time to encourage our Westwood family and letting us get to know you a little better! We are so thankful for you!!