Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Darren and April

We are so excited to introduce you to this lovely couple.

They have been a source of encouragement to us and they have huge hearts for God.

Get comfy and let me introduce you to this wonderful couple in our family!

Why don’t you start by telling us little about yourselves.

WW: Why don’t you start by telling us little about yourselves.?Where did you grow up?

April: I grew up right here in Prince George, BC. I spent my entire childhood here and then left BC when I graduated high school to go to Saskatchewan to pursue higher education and attend Bethany Bible College.

Darren: I grew up in Houston, BC and I had a great childhood there. I spent a couple of years logging after high school and then I went to YWAM in New Zealand. Then I settled in Prince George in 2007 and found work as an electrician and met April, and I never left!

WW: Tell us about your family. What do you do for fun together?

We love raising our kids here because there is so much to do together as a family. We love spending as much time outside as possible. We love to bike, take trips to the lake and the park, cross-country ski, camp and find new trails and places to explore.

WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and how have you enjoyed serving our community?

April: I started attending in 2005 while I was back and forth from college and home for the summers while serving at Ness Lake Bible Camp. When I moved back to PG in 2008, I made Westwood my church family. I really enjoyed serving on a staff for a time in Children’s Ministries and it was such a great way to get to know so many different people in the church, from families to youth to seniors. I realized the more you get involved, the more connected you feel to this community. And you get to know people that you otherwise may not have! We have a wonderful community with so many inspiring and encouraging people who have really blessed us by doing life with us.

Darren: I started attending Westwood in 2010 when April was working at the church and I started dating her. It has become my church family. I served in the Youth ministry for quite a few years. I really enjoyed interacting with the youth and other volunteers, building relationships and community, and being a part of a team. I also serve in the Go ministry and have really enjoyed that.

WW:. What has life been like for you the last few years?

It’s been such an adventure! We have been raising our three kids, building our own home, starting our own businesses, so at times it has been busy but we have been so grateful for our little family and life.

WW: What are you appreciating about the changes in life due to the impact of the Pandemic?

April: I have really enjoyed a slower pace in our daily schedule. Not having to rush so much in the mornings, and having the kids at home more. It has made me more aware of the moments and how quickly they can pass us by if we aren’t paying attention, if we are too stressed or busy. I have felt more gratitude, and have been practicing thanking God and just trying to be more engaged in these moments.

Darren: Just focusing on how we raise our children, what influences them like the shows they watch, the books we read, and being more intentional in discipling.

WW: What do you miss about life before social distancing and the Pandemic situation? How has your relationship with God impacted this?

April: For sure the relationships with other people, whether in our families, friendships, or church family. It has been hard on all of us not to connect in the ways we are used to, especially gathering together in fellowship.

In this season, God has really been reminding me of how constant He is, His ever faithful love and presence in our lives, in the midst of some much change and uncertainty in our world and sometimes daily life. He never changes or forsakes us. He is so good! When we have missed community and fellowship, I really feel He has provided unexpected and surprising ways for us to connect with others.

Darren: I’ve missed relationships, seeing family, going to church and doing normal things. It’s been an interesting time. I broke my leg in December and then just after I recovered and headed back to work, we started social distancing and living with the pandemic. It’s just a reminder that through all of this we can try make plans for our life but we have to be able to give them to God. We need to be grounded in Him because our lives can be turned upside down very fast.