Get to Know Your Westwood Family-Al andDianne

This week I am so excited to introduce to a wonderful servant hearted couple.  Have a look at a bit of Al and Dianne’s story.

WW: Let’s start with you telling us about yourselves. Where did you grow up?
A&D: Hi, I’m a prince George kid grew up here did some schooling in Saskatchewan. Diane grew up in Penticton, I stole her from the Okanogan

WW: Tell us a bit about your family.
A&D: Our oldest son lives in Prince George and is involved in construction, our daughter is married and living in Dawson Creek involved in nursing. Her husband is an electrician. Our youngest son is with YWAM in France

WW: What do you do for fun together?
A&D: Diane and I enjoyed getting together with friends and family whether it be camping or ATV or holidays and playing games.  Diane also likes gardening

WW: How long have you been at Westwood Church and how have you enjoyed serving our community?
A&D: We’ve been involved with Westwood since 1988. We have served in a variety of different areas, Youth leaders, children’s ministry, music ministry, board of elders, men’s ministry, small group leadership.

WW: What has life been like for you the last few years?
A&D: This is definitely a different stage in life as our children entered adulthood and we are sandwiched between connecting with them and helping out our parents. We have found time to minister and do activities that were not available to us before.

We seem to be more mindful of the Holy Spirits work around us and aware of His work in those we connect with. Whether at work or play. Recognizing His sovereignty above our own plan.

WW: What are you appreciating about life right now?
A&D: With the craziness of Covid we really appreciate our small group and depend on them for support, encouragement and social and spiritual connections. This is makes small groups so important

WW: What is challenging in life right now?  What is God teaching you in this time?
A&D: We are both challenged with our work situations, Diane with healthcare especially. God is bigger than Lysol wipes and our hope and trust is in Him.

Thanks so much for your testimony Al and Dianne!