Powered by Purpose: Leadercast 2017

Purpose is what defines us, drives us, and empowers us.
What does it mean to be powered by purpose? To be part of a purpose-driven organization? To work with a team of people who understand the meaning in addition to the metrics? To recognize that why you do what you do matters as much or more as what you do. Where defined values drive a strong culture and intentional leadership inspires amazing results.

Come to Leadercast 2017 – where every detail of the experience is purposefully crafted to inspire and engage you in surprising and meaningful ways. Discover the steps you can take to uncover your purpose … to reconnect to your organization’s why … and to truly live, work and play in this world, Powered by Purpose.


May 5, 2017


Westwood Church
2658 Ospika Blvd
Prince George BC
V2N 2L8


Rob Larson
(250) 562-3711