At the heart of being a disciple of Jesus is loving well. This requires us experiencing connection with God, with others and with ourselves. In the life of Christ, we see someone who practiced loving God and loving others unlike anyone else. Jesus was asked by a religious lead, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” (Matthew 22:36) Jesus summarized the entire Bible for us,

Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment.
And the second is like it:
Love your neighbor as yourself.
All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

During this time of change we want to encourage our church to get back to the heart of God through Loving Him and Loving Others. How can I begin to develop a love for God?



Begin exploring who he is
through his Word the Bible.
Reading plan for Oct 18-Nov 17 

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Printable PlanOctober 18-24
Printable PlanOctober 25-31


Develop a rhythm to life that sets aside space for God to be with you and you to be with God.

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Pastor Craig's RhythmSimplified Rhythm of Life

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As we think about loving others in this season our suggestion is to keep it SIMPLE:

SERVE - Choose to put others needs first. How can you serve others in your family, neighborhood, city, etc.?
INVEST - with your time, money and skills.
MERCY - Care for those in need and practice forgiveness and reconciliation.
PRAY - Pray with and for people.
LISTEN - Take the time to have conversations where you truly listen to others and seek to understand them.
ENCOURAGE - Bless people through life giving words of truth.
Printable Daily ChallengesLOVE OTHERS - Oct 18-24
Printable Daily ChallengesLOVE OTHERS - Oct 25-31
Sunday, October 18

Call a loved one and tell them they matter to you.

Monday, October 19

If it's trash day in your neighborhood, why not pull in your neighbor's trash bin also (to their property not yours) 😊.

Tuesday, October 20

Notice something good in another person and tell them about it. 

Wednesday, October 21

If you know a student, make an extra serving for them from your dinner tonight and drop it off.

Thursday, October 22

Volunteer to help out with the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle campaign.

Friday, October 23

If you're out, let someone cut in line in front of you.  Better yet, invite them to go ahead of you.

Saturday, October, 24

Invite a friend to church online tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25

Invite someone to church online.

Monday, October 26

Discover something new about a friend or co-worker. When we see people everyday, we sometimes just go through the motions with simple conversations.  Take some time to find out something new about them.

Tuesday, October 27

Pray for that difficult person in your life who needs Jesus. Never underestimate the power of prayer to change lives.

Wednesday, October 28

Take a nap. Loving others well begins with self-care.

Thursday, October 29

Start a Bible reading plan with someone. Check out for a bunch of great reading plans.

Friday, October 30

Contact the Salvation army to see what needs they have. If you can meet some of those needs, then do it.

Saturday, October 31

Drop off winter clothing to the Fire Pit downtown. With winter here there will be a huge need for winter clothing.  Find their hours of operation here-