Human Sexuality Series

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Dear Westwood Family,

February is often known as the month that wraps itself in love, romance, and sexual expression.  I wish I could say I am an expert on such things, but that would not be completely accurate!  On the one hand, these emphases that culture places on human relationships are not necessarily bad.  On the other hand, often these emphases are out of balance, not understood well, or completely misplaced.

As we look to the Scriptures which guide us in all aspects of life and faith, we discover that God is love in ways we cannot fully comprehend.  To use "love language," God woos humankind to Himself and loves them with unconditional abandon.  While I believe Song of Solomon has been primarily written to demonstrate sexual love between a husband and a wife, there is also an interpretation that suggests it is the kind of love that God has for people.  My point is that loves originates from God.  In His mysterious and creative nature, Creator God has also created people as sexual beings, capable of expressing love (agape, phileo, and eros) in human relationships.

Human sexuality and the accompanying issues have been a part of creation from the beginning.  How do disciples of Jesus understand the Scriptures, understand cultural realities, and live faithful lives to Jesus in all aspects of their human sexuality?  I invite you to join us as we explore this vast topic together (schedule is on the inside of the cover).

Love, Pastor Rob