serveWhen it comes to following Jesus there are only players. At Westwood we believe that every person who calls Westwood home should be an active part of the family (I know we mixed metaphors there:)). On this page, you will find two things. The first is that we want to walk with you in discovering your ministry whether it is in the church or in the community. Second, we always keep a list here of opportunities that we have inside of Westwood for you to be involved in our family.
Below is a great starting place for discovering what might be your gifts and passion. Just click on “Exploring my Gifts and Passion.” If you want to jump in already and explore your gifts while you serve, click on “Service Opportunities.”
Please send enquiries regarding different opportunities to or call 250-562-3711 and ask for the contact person.

Service Opporunity Person to Contact
With Children Twyla
Registration Team
Grade 3-5 Life Group Leaders in 2nd service
Family Game Night–October 31st
Helpers in K-2–1st and 2nd service
Serving as a helper in Nursery, Toddlers, Preschool
Teachers or Leaders in Nursery, Toddlers, and Preschool
Kids Day Camps
With Sunday Morning Joel
Coffee cup clean up on Sunday after 1st Service
Coffee cup clean up on Sunday after 2nd Service
Make breakfast for the worship team
Ushers, greeters Holly
With Groups Craig
Life group leaders for the youth ministries, young adults, and adult ministries
Teaching classes: theology, Bible, Life of Christ
Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Celebrate Revcovery
With Go Ryan
Make the Spruce Kings Wed. Night Meal
With Congregational Life Holly
Meals for families
Notes of encouragement for shut ins, elderly, sick
Shovelling, mowing, raking for the Seniors in our church
Whether it is holding babies or preaching a sermon, we believe all of our ministries have an eternal impact. Therefore, we believe that everything we do as followers of Jesus, is a ministry. We recognize that some people may be more skilled or trained to do different things but we believe that we do it because God changes lives.

Our approach out of this is that everything is a “spiritual ministry.” So, holding babies is a ministry, teaching is a ministry, cleaning is a ministry, hosting is a ministry, etc. Along with this, some people have natural or learned abilities that make them particularly suited to be in a certain role (This doesn’t mean it always happens that way though).

To Begin this journey or as a refresher, if you have done something like this before click on the link to explore where God might be calling you.