Groups LogosLife groups are made of 8-15 people and are led by one or two individuals. They meet regularly in someone’s home, a coffee shop, an office building, or even in the church. There are Life Groups for everyone, men, women, college students, high school and elementary school students, seniors, new believers, those in recovery, inter-generational groups and more! If you are looking for a way to connect with others where you will build relationships, discover God, have fun, and serve together, then life groups are a great place to be and experience a deeper connection with our church family.
Whether you want to get together to learn about God through the Bible, for friendship, service, sports, or other activities, there’s a Life group for you to be part of. Part of Life group life is shared interests and activities. Another part is discovering who Jesus is and what it looks like to “bring him into life” through various resources we have available for groups and individuals.
Finding or starting a Life group is a lot like making new friends. You’ll look for or maybe even start a group that seems like a fit and then work on getting to know each other.
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Start one yourself. No really. You probably already have a group of friends that you could pull together into a Life group. We’ll help to see if facilitating a Life group is right for you and then we’ll get your group off of the ground through training, coaching (most of it on the go) and great resources to help you facilitate a group.
For youth: Pastor Ryan
For everyone else: Pastor Craig