Lead Pastor Candidating Week–February 11-16

Starting Saturday, February 11th, Rob Dyck together with his wife Leanne and their family will be in Prince George. We will be exploring, together with them, what God might have in store for Westwood regarding … Read More

Powered by Purpose: Leadercast 2017

Come to Leadercast 2017 – where every detail of the experience is purposefully crafted to inspire and engage you in surprising and meaningful ways. Discover the steps you can take to uncover your purpose … … Read More

Week of Prayer

One of the most amazing things about the life of Jesus is the amount of time he spent in prayer. He only had three years of public ministry but he always set apart time to … Read More

Bringing Jesus Into Life: Colossians Teaching Series

January 15-February 19, 2017 Looking at everything that exists begs the question, “Who is holding all of this together?” We live in a world where we sometimes don’t feel we have gotten what we’ve paid … Read More