Get your act together for our first ever variety night!  This is where you get to shine in whatever weird and wacky way you think will entertain others. 
If you don't have an act, no problem.  Come and see others, laugh, enjoy some free food, and hang out.  Special guest appearance after 26 years in retirement...THE PLAIDS!

March 28 7-9pm

Act Guidelines
G rated

Submitted by March 23
Under 5 minutes long
Require minimal tech
Not endanger you are anyone else


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"This is the first place a felt like I belonged." -Amber

Belonging to something where people are for you is what Westwood Young Adult Ministry is all about. We want you to find in us a place to belong, a place where you are loved and sometimes even liked, and a place to discover Jesus with others. So bring your, doubts, your joys, your laughter, your tears, your awkwardness, your needs, your dreams, your heartache, your questions, your get the idea.

Who is young adults for?  Finished grade 12 to 25ish.  Attending college, university, trade school, engaging in the workforce, or just figuring life out.

What does the young adult ministry do?

Life Groups

At the heart of our ministry is a place for young adults to belong.  Life groups meet most weeks.  These are groups of 10-15 people hosted at an "older persons" house.  They meet together for connection, getting into the Bible and figuring out what Jesus; next step for life might be, prayer, fun and service.


At the beginning of each semester we get together after the service for a great lunch (12:30-1:30 pm).  This is a great way to start building friendships, getting into a life group, and having one meal you didn't have to cook. 
Cost is $5.00.

Special Events

Fun activities that you can bring your friends to (we call them come and see events), worship nights, retreats, seminars, and courses.  Check the calendar for what is happening this year.