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Psalm 91 is a Psalm of safety. Draw near to God as you learn to study his word accurately and reliably with our own Lisa Reimer. See more information about the study in Lisa's video HERE.

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Week 6

Week 6 Homework
Read Psalm 91:14-16 in different translations. ESV, NET, NLT, NIV
Paraphrase these verses in your own words. What is God drawing to your attention? What step is He wanting you to take?
Download the Names of God Resource. Prayerfully read through it.
Which names stand out? Has he revealed himself to you in these ways?
How has he revealed himself to you in the story of your life? Spend some time thanking him for how he has shown himself to you.
How has this impacted your ability to trust Him?

Week 5

Session 5 Homework.

Prayerfully read through the Sermon on the Mount.

Where is God challenging you? What steps of obedience do you need to take?

How does obedience impact our relationship with God and the the experience of the promises of Psalm 91?

Journal and make space for listening to God. Determine in your heart to cooperate and depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit to obey.

Week 4

Homework Session 4

  1. What disappointment God has allowed to touch your life?

What has God revealed of himself in it? How has he shaped you through it? Spend some time in thanksgiving for his faithfulness. Consider starting a journal of his faithfulness in your life.

  1. I would like to encourage you to spend some time identifying an area where you are experiencing dread, words meant to destroy you, pestilence, destruction or injustice.

What is your posture toward this trial, are you angry? Fighting it? Are you thankful? Allowing God to use it to form you in his image? What is the resulting impact of your posture?

What do 1 Timothy 1:7 Isaiah 43:1, 1 Peter 5:6-7 say? How do they speak to your situation?

  1. Spend some time asking God how to fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith. Ask him to help you cooperate with him in the work he wants to accomplish in your life. If you have your eyes fixed on Jesus, praise him as the faithful author and perfecter of your faith.

Do you have a strong sense of hope for heaven? Spend some time praising God for the hope that we have and the beauty of what he has in store for those who love him!  If you struggle with what Heaven will be like, ask Him to help you understand and celebrate it. 

  1. Choose a portion of the psalm to memorize.

Week 3

Homework Session 3:
Keeping in mind the Bible is about God

  1. How did you finish the sentence God is..

Consider spending some time talking to God about this, give thanks, praise, worship, or confess, explore your reaction and ask Him to speak truth to you 

  1. How do the hebrew meanings of the Titles used for God in verses 1& 2 broaden your understanding of who He is?

Look back to last week's homework for definitions of Most High and Almighty 

Verse 2:

Lord, Hebrew Yahweh : I am, Life giver, Creator, the one who is, performer of promises, unchanging one, ever living,  destroyer of foes, God of redemption. One who will give evidence of his being, In Strong's Concordance, it says when God used this name to introduce himself to Moses it means I am, but also I am who is with you. 

God: Hebrew Elohim, it is a plural and is significant in our understanding of the Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit. It’s meaning includes divine power and majesty, the true God, God of truth.

  1. How does this knowledge of who God is impact your relationship to him.

  2. Continue your exploration of the passage with the Bible Study Tools resource.

Week 2
Homework this week:
1.Do you have the same belief and conviction that God is Most High, His preeminence means he has superiority over everyone and everything else. Do you know God as Almighty? The God of the impossible?
2. What habits of abiding do you have and what you would like to grow in?
John 15 mentions relational nearness, staying attached to him, then, letting God’s word abide in us, his word increase our love for him and knowing his love for us, his word in us develops our understanding of his love and growing in love for him, produces obedience to his commands in our lives.
3. Using the resource called Bible Study Tools and go through the passage looking for what each category focuses on. Have a set of colored pens ready!
4. If you are looking for resources on how to dwell and abide. Join Emotionally Healthy Spirituality the next time it is offered. The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, or The Handbook to Prayer, The Handbook to Renewal, and Life in the Presence of God by Ken Boa are great places to start.

Week 1
For your homework I would like you to
1. Remember The bible is about God and He is the main character
2. Imagine the crowd of worshipers, read through Psalm 91 5 days this week.
3. Try to identify the different speakers in the Psalm. Use of pronouns, I, you, me, he will help with this
4. On the 5th day after reading it, I would like you to summarize the Psalm in a sentence.
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