On this page you will find opportunities in Prince George and around the world that you can get involved in.


Opportunities in Prince George

apartmentWestwood Church helps support local families and individuals in the Pine Glen and Village Park apartments.

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Community Events

Volunteers of all ages are needed to ensure the success of the following events:

  • Youth: We are looking for people to help out with a year around youth Program on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm-5pm. We have a large number of children that come, so the more leaders the better. People who are interested in volunteering consistently must have a criminal record check done. We are looking for people to provide snacks and craft items for the program.
  • Community Garden: If you are unable to help with building or planting the garden on May 20th, there is opportunity to partner with a family in looking after a section of the garden throughout the summer.
  • Once a month socials such as barbeques or holiday activities
  • Once a week after school programs for both youth in elementary and high school.  We facilitate a safe, fun, and educational environment where kids can come and work on homework and play board games. This is also intended to connect the youth with their neighbours.  
  • Bi-weekly Block Watch activities. Community safety is a concern for many of the individuals living in the apartments. This will be a fun opportunity to go for a walk together and establish relationships with each other while building trust and promoting safety within the community.
  • As needed support and donations to furnish apartments with basic furniture or items. If you would like to be placed on an email list and notified when there are needs or if you would like to help people move in, decorate or help someone organize their apartment please email Andrew at andrewardell@mccbc.ca

For event times, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact Andrew at 250-640-3415 or email at andrewardell@mccbc.ca

Opportunities Around the World

soar-heartlandSOAR gives you the opportunity to experience God’s love for a city in North America. Your eyes will be opened. Your heart will be changed. Whether you come on your own or with a team, you’ll work closely with inner-city churches and ministries that are seeing the life-changing power of God at work in peoples’ lives. Be a part of introducing others to the One who says, “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11.25). You’ll be amazed at what God can do in you and through you in ten days.
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