Famous Last Words Teaching Series

Just before he died, silent film star, Charlie Chaplin was being prayed over by a priest (no this is not a joke). The priest said, “May the Lord have mercy on your soul.” To which Chaplin replied, “Why not? It belongs to him.”
When people are in their last days, we often will hang on their words, looking for meaning in what has been said. In the life of Jesus, before he was unjustly executed, he shared with his closest followers some of those thoughts they would need to hang on to for encouragement and direction.
Life can come at us in ways that seem unfair or even cruel. Where do we turn to for wisdom and hope when we are devastated and unsure of the way forward? Join us for our series, “Famous Last Words” as we work through John 14-17 and find, hope, direction, and purpose, even in the difficult times.  Series run from February 26 – April 9.