Bringing Jesus Into Life: Colossians Teaching Series

January 15-February 19, 2017
Looking at everything that exists begs the question, “Who is holding all of this together?”

We live in a world where we sometimes don’t feel we have gotten what we’ve paid for unless the pot is sweetened a little bit. “Will you throw some special rims on this car for the same price?” “Does this TV come with a complimentary sound system?” “I’ll give to your church if you keep my kids entertained.” Two for the price of one is something we like to see in our pizza delivery. Unless there is a bonus, we think we are being short changed somehow.

This idea can even trickle over into our belief system. “If I follow Jesus, what extras come with that?” It can even become a performance piece. A “Jesus Plus” system if you will. We add to what it means to follow Jesus because we can’t fathom that the creator of the universe would want us as we are. There must be something extra we have to bring, or the deal is no good. But Jesus simply wants us.

Join us for our series, “Bringing Jesus Into Life” and discover this Jesus who has already made the “deal” better than we could ever have imagined, or hoped for.