Bringing Jesus Into Life is our vision and we want to send out a big thank-you to everyone who helps keep that vision alive through financial contributions.  Something you may not know is that with the exception of a few facility rentals, our entire operating budget is funded by folks who give to Westwood during the year.  That being said…

There are a few ways to give at Westwood:

  • Through cheque or cash on Sunday mornings or at the church office during the week.
  • Through debit transactions on Sunday mornings (found at the kiosk) or at the church office during the week.
  • Through Pre-Authorized contributions.
  • Online using a major credit card (Click on secure link below)

Why give through pre-authorized contributions?

We encourage our members to use the pre-authorized contribution method for their regular giving as it reduces the work of our volunteer counting teams, bank fees, and handling and processing fees. Pre-authorized contributions also improves our record-keeping efficiency and enhances the privacy of your donations.

Download the Pre-Authorized form here. PAC Agreement Form Download

Again thanks for being part of seeing God change lives at Westwood.

Give Online