Missions to Asia


 Joel and Stephanie Baerg

Joel and Stephanie, along with their new baby, have just recently moved to Asia where they are now in the process of diving into learning the local language. They have committed to language study for at least the next two years, during which they will focus on building relationships in their community and sharing the love of Jesus through whatever opportunities present themselves. *Due to the sensitive nature of their mission, information on this site is limited.

Rob and Marlene Baerg

Rob and Marlene Baerg – MB Missions

Working with the Alpha Communities, a humanitarian aid agency. They have been working in Asia for a significant number of years. They are with MB Missions. *Due to the sensitive nature of their mission, information on this site is limited.

Website: www.mbmission.org


Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters – MB Missions

Together with their kids (Kyle, Micah, Grace, and Sierra) are church planting in Thailand. They have a passion to raise up Thai leaders who will lead the church, and are beginning to see God work in mighty ways with local Christians. They are with MB Missions.

Email: sinclair_peters@hotmail.com.com

Website: http://www.mbmission.org/connect/missionaries/sinclair-peters-dave-and-louise

Jon and Bonnie Esau – MB Mission

Together with Callie Jon and Bonnie will be serving on a church planting team in Thailand once they finish language studies in Thailand. They will be sharing the gospel message, discipling believers and training up national leaders.

Email: bonnieesau@gmail.com

Blog: http://esausinthailand.blogspot.ca/

Website: http://www.mbmission.org/connect/missionaries/esau-jon-and-bonnie