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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Why do we do what we do?  For one simple reason:  We believe that God changes lives!  This core belief is what motivates us, encourages us, and challenges us to do the best we can.  We believe that God wants to change the world, and we want to be a part of his mission!

At a very basic level, the mission of all churches is to fulfill what Christians have come to refer to as “The Greatest Commandment” (love God exclusively, love others faithfully) and “The Great Commission” (make disciples effectively).  And not surprisingly, this is why Westwood exists as well.  For all churches, these two texts should be at the core of who we are and what we do.


Our Vision

Together at Westwood Church, our vision is to Bring Jesus into Life by becoming an increasingly healthy, vibrant and effective witness for Jesus in Prince George and around the world!

As we start to narrow down our mission and vision by using more strategic language, our goal is that in everything we do, we will help people:

  • Meet Jesus,
  • Experience Community in Jesus,
  • Be transformed through Holiness with Jesus, and
  • Pursue World Impact through Jesus.

This is our DNA.  We want these values and priorities to be part of the ministries that we do, the activities that we are a part of, and the relationships that we have.


Our Values

We pursue this mission and vision at Westwood, while keeping these foundational values in mind:

  • Biblical Authority – We value the Bible as God’s Word, the final authority for the journey of life and a rich relationship with Him.
  • Knowing God – We value an intimate, reconciled relationship with our Heavenly Father who has loved us unconditionally and replaced our guilt and shame with joy and peace.
  • Christ as Centre - We value Christ as our Centre (Lord, Saviour and Friend) because without surrender and obedience to Him that results in holiness and godly character we cannot have true fellowship with God or each other.
  • Dependence on the Holy Spirit – We value dependence on the Holy Spirit because the power to live the Christian life and follow Jesus comes from Him. We express our dependency through prayer, trust and obedience.
  • Worship - We value worship as a lifestyle where we experience God’s nearness, enjoy and wrestle with His presence and offer Him not only our music but our lives.

We pursue this mission and vision at Westwood, while keeping these ministry values in mind:

  • Loving Relationships – We value loving and enjoying people just as Jesus did. Life transformation takes place through authentic, accepting, forgiving relationships that are marked by truth and accountability. Therefore everything we do will be from a relational centre.
  • Bold Outreach – We value compassionate ministry based on a bold, enthusiastic vision of reaching all people with the love of Christ. Lost people matter to God and therefore matter to us.
  • Developing Disciples – We value the encouragement and development of believers to reach their full potential as God calls them by His Spirit. We recognize and celebrate Bible based teaching, and discipleship and leadership styles that mobilize and empower both individuals and teams.
  • Sacrificial Service – We value serving others like Jesus served us. This means we are willing to serve God and others regardless of the personal cost.
  • Grace-filled Excellence – We value ministry done well because it results in greater effectiveness and says to all that we truly care about them. People are always more important than the task but giving our best indicates how important they are!


Our Model

As we continue to strive to become an effective mission-based organization (rather than service-based), we continue to make sure that our ministry methods are simple, sustainable, and scalable (and successful).

  • Simple so that everyone can understand what we are focused on,
  • Sustainable so that our leaders and church family enjoy serving others and they do not burn out, and
  • Scalable so that we are effective regardless of the future size of the church.