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Worship Arts Ministries

At Westwood, coming together as a larger community or family is important for us. Music and the arts play and important role in our worship of Jesus. Please have a look at the different options available for connection and service.

Worship Teams

Westwood worship teams lead music at our weekly Sunday services. The music at these services is intended to communicate God’s truth and love in a relevant musical language, and to help those gathered respond to God in worship. Worship teams generally include:

  • singers
  • piano/keyboard
  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar
  • bass guitar
  • drums

Other instruments such as woodwinds or strings can greatly enhance the music when those proficient in their performance make themselves available. Those proficient in the above, and who have a heart for worship are invited to contact the church office.

Technical Support

Technical personnel give support to our services and special events, as well as other programming that requires this expertise. At Westwood the technical aspects generally fall into three categories:

  • Audio reinforcement
  • Computer visuals
  • Lighting

If you have experience or a desire to learn and serve in these areas, please contact the church office.