Young Adults

Have you ever looked at the people around you? They’re colorful. is the website for a group colorful people that get together for different things at Westwood Church. Most of us are between 18-30, but we don’t exclude anyone. Some of us are acquaintances, some of us or friends, some of us are family. Everyone is colorful.

Our hope, and by “our” I mean all of us who are working to “bring Jesus into life.” Is that you would meet people here that care about you, want to do things with you, and want you to become part of the family. How this happens will be colorful. It will be as different as the people that interact with each other. We want to invite you to check out the website but why not come to our coffee house and interact with some of the people that are part of our community.

Some of things we want to invite you out to…

LIFE Groups: LIFE Groups are an important part to all that we do at Westwood. As our church grows larger on Sunday, we grow smaller during the week. LIFE Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God and make a difference.

At Westwood we believe LIFE is best done together! So we want to encourage you to get connected by checking out a LIFE Group. LIFE Groups are made up of 15 or so people who meet each week around Prince George to growth in their faith, meet new people and serve together. Each LIFE Group lasts for 10-12 weeks. Groups start 3 times a year (September, January, and after Easter) and are open to everyone. Sign ups for the fall will be happening at the end of August so stay tuned!

Lunches: We regularily get together to have lunch after the second service on Sunday mornings.  Check the events to the left to see when the next one will be!  This is a great place to meet new people and get connected with other events.

Special Events:  From coffee houses to art shows to beach volleyball.  Keep up to date on all the events happening on our facebook page or the events calendar.