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The Twelve: Habakkuk

July 27, 2014 Mark Wessner Book of Habakkuk            

The Twelve: Nahum

July 20, 2014 Craig Reimer Book of Nahum            

Summer Reading

In recent weeks, I have been asked a few times about books I’ve read, recommended reading, etc.  So … here is a list of some books I’ve read in recent months, with a one sentence summary and whether or not I would recommend each book: A More Beautiful Question – Well researched and well written, […]

The Twelve: Micah

July 13, 2014 Mark Wessner Micah 4:1-5            

The Twelve: Hosea

July 6, 2014 Mark Wessner Book of Hosea            

The Twelve: Jonah

June 29, 2014 Craig Reimer Book of Jonah            

The Twelve: Amos

June 22, 2014 Mark Wessner Book of Amos            

Youth Camping Trip! Grades 6-12 July 25th-27th

This summer we have a lot of fun lined up for the Grades 6-12 youth groups. We are planning a camping trip July 25th -27th at the home of Johannes and Naomi Giede. Permission forms must be filled out and delivered to our office by July 20th, 2014. There is also a supply list of gear that you will need […]

“The Twelve” summer teaching series

Join us for a summer teaching series that explores twelve ancient followers of God, as they each lived out their faith and mission in difficult times. Click here for teaching files and audio

Discover Westwood (July 27) and Baptism at the Lake (August 10)

Have you ever though about either being baptised or becoming a member, but just weren’t sure if it was a good thing to do or not?  Should you do it now or later?  What is involved, anyway?  Who are the “Mennonite Brethren”? Those are great questions!  Let me answer them a couple of ways.  First, […]