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“Love Wins” at “Erasing Hell”

A common question (among others) that faces many people at some point is, “Is hell a real place?” and if it is a real place “Why would a loving God send people there?” For some people this is a passing thought. For others, the idea of hell strikes fear into them, fear of punishment, suffering, and uncertainty.

This post is about two books that have come on to the market recently, “Love Wins” written by Rob Bell and “Erasing Hell” written by Francis Chan.

The authors, Francis Chan and Rob Bell both love Jesus and want people to meet him. I’m sure that isn’t the only thing they have in common. What they don’t have in common however, is how they read and interpret the Bible. This is most evident in the two most recent books they have written discussing the question of a loving God and hell (I’m sure it is deeper than this but that is the core message that comes through in both books). I thought that I would dedicate a page to the books but was sent to a link that had it already done…and done well. View the article here.

For a more in depth review of , “Love Wins” follow this link.

For a more in depth review of , “Erasing Hell” follow this link.

For Presentation

Love Wins: 9   Erasing Hell: 4

For Proper Use of Scripture

Love Wins: 2   Erasing Hell: 9

Combine Love wins’ questions and big view of God with Erasing Hell’s theology and use of what the Bible actually says and you would have a powerful book! Any word smiths out there up to the challenge of a rewrite?



  1. Posted By Jackson Baer

    I read both Love Wins and Erasing Hell. I like Chan but his book was brutal. It felt like he was still working through his beliefs and should have waited to write the book.


  2. Posted By Craig

    I won’t argue with you that “Erasing Hell” is choppy but I did appreciate how Chan seriously wrestled through scripture passages and presented the truth of them.

  3. Posted By lee

    I actually liked the ideas in his book. I disagree with other people who say that he should of waited until he had concrete ideas before writing a book. Most people have ever evolving ideas based on their relationship with Christ.

    I am new to your church and have wondered where my beliefs fit in. I think if the gates of hell are locked it is from inside and that our omnipotent Father is in hell hoping we will break free.

    Are my views compatible with becoming a active member of your church or should I not even try?

  4. Posted By Craig

    Hi Lee,

    I appreciate your comments. We should get together and chat about how you see yourself fitting at Westwood. It is hard to compare views over a comment post.

    Just a few questions:

    When you use gates of hell what do you mean? Literal hell, hell of our own making (sin, poor choices), etc.?

    Did you mean God is in heaven or that he is in hell with us?


  5. Posted By lee

    I do think hell is possibly an individual place- our own locked dungeon where we do not allow Christ to be. He can still be there with us.

    I do not think God’s grace ends in death. That is to me so counter to who He is. i do not think he gives up on us EVER.

    I see so many people using Hell as a motivator to accept the love of God when there is no need to scare people into accepting Christ.

  6. Posted By Craig

    I guess a question I have, “Could it be the act of a loving God to provide people with a place (hell) where they will not be forced to ever bow their knee to Jesus because they would not do it in life? Could it be an act of grace to provide this place where they will have their own “freedom” forever apart from the one who could have made them free in life?

    I agree that hell in the past has been used as a motivator to get people to accept Christ. I don’t see that in many churches today. But i think it is still one of the motivating factors in the context of a loving and just God.

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