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Discover Westwood, Baptism, Membership and More! March 3 Afternoon

Have you ever though about either being baptised or becoming a member, but just weren’t sure if it was a good thing to do or not?  Should you do it now or later?  What is involved, anyway?  Who are the “Mennonite Brethren”?

Those are great questions!  Let me answer them a couple of ways.  First, in terms of how we do it at Westwood, we have designed a course that actually covers all of those questions.  We call it Discover Westwood, and we offer it at least three times a year – both as a 3-4 week course, and also as a one afternoon seminar.

We do lots of teaching and talking throughout the course, and it is great way to learn about baptism, membership, and the DNA of Westwood, with no strings attached (ie, you don’t have to be baptized or become a member, just because you took the course).

Second, a really good way to find out more is to talk with either Pastor Mark or Pastor Craig.  Either of us would love to get together with you and talk about any questions you have.

Finally, if you would like to find out more, or if you already know that you want to be baptised or become a member of Westwood, here is the process for this fall:

  1. Let either the church office, Pastor Mark, or Pastor Craig know that you would like to register for the Discover Westwood course that takes place during the afternoon of March 3.
  2. Attend the course on March 3.  :)
  3. If you decide that you would like to be baptised and/or become a member (we will explain all of this as part of the course), it will happen on March 31.  Also, either Mark or Craig will talk with you individually about the process, etc.
  4. If you are an over-achiever, you can also listen to the Finding My Place teaching series.  :)

So … what are you waiting for?

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