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Baptisms at the Lake (August 12, 2012)

It is time for our annual Baptisms at the Lake!  Last year’s event was a great day with over 200 people joining us at Purden Lake, and you do not want to miss it this year.  Here is what I wrote in my weekly email prayer update last year, and please join me in praying that this year will be equally as meaningful:

I have been at Westwood for five and a half years, and yesterday was possibly the best day that I have been a part of.  There was just about everything that the church should be (stories of transformation, worship, diverse leadership, public witness for Jesus, connection and relationships, etc), and none of what the church should not be (politics, church is about me, etc).  Our vision statement is “Together at Westwood, our vision is to Bring Jesus into Life by becoming an increasingly healthy, vibrant, and effective witness for Jesus in Prince George and around the World”.  Yesterday, as an entire church, we lived it from dawn to dusk!  We looked an awful lot like a New Testament church yesterday!

The schedule for Sunday, August 12:

As before, our Sunday morning services will feature communion and also the testimonies of those who are being baptized and/or becoming members of Westwood.  Then, after the second service everyone is invited to go out to Purden Lake Provincial Park (approximately 60min drive from the church) for lunch (bring a bbq), playing in the water, bring your boat or kayaks, etc.  You can arrive whenever you want, but we will do the baptisms at approximately 4:00pm.  Bring your camera and come prepared to celebrate with everyone!  And then stay around for the rest of the evening and enjoy a beautiful day at a beautiful lake.

I hope you all can join us on Sunday, August 12th, at Purden Lake!

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