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Water from a Deep Well – Book Club

Here we are at the start of the third book in the Westwood Book Club!

As you have read through the Introduction and Chapter 1: Witness, what have you thought?  What has surprised you?  What has caused you to reflect  on your own spirituality?  What questions have been raised?

Have you worked through any of the four ideas listed under “Practices” on page 49?  If so, can you describe your experience(s) for us?


  1. Posted By Michele Sinclair

    I personally enjoy the fact that this book is also a book of stories, and appreciate how this theme continues to enrich the teaching of the Sunday messages.
    My initial reactions to the first chapter, Witness, are horror and thanksgiving. If it were not for the courage of the early Christians to hold on to their belief with their entire life, I suppose we would not be discussing this book today. Because of their faith and conviction, Jesus reigns today, which is further “proof” that God’s plan is at work and that it endures the test of time. This did not happen because of the will of man alone. Having considered this, and having asked myself about the strength of my faith, would I do the same. As a mother, I believe I would die for my children, and I pray that God will fill me with the same love and desire in life to die for my belief and faith in salvation too. This life is only the beginning of something greater, and that is how I want my children and friends to know me. Having said that, it has taken me nearly 50 years to reach this place … like Paul in Philippians, God has worked in me for many years. My eyes were opened slowly, and my ears still strain to listen, hear, and obey.

  2. Posted By Krista

    The first chapter definitely brought to mind my own fear of death, and especially dying for Christ. It reminded me how weak I am in my own faith that I don’t know if I would have the courage to stand up and give my life for the things I claim to believe in. But I was also reminded that martyrdom doesn’t necessarily mean literal death, but in fact dying every day to self and to the outside influences around me, and that is inspiring. I hope that will one day be my legacy – that I relied upon God for the strength to die to self daily and lived life in Christ to the fullest.

  3. Posted By Darlene Brin

    Living in a post Christian nation like Canada we may not be called on to loose our lives but sometimes we can face loosing our reputations, especially when working with people who are hostile toward religion in general and Christianity in particular. While that can be difficult and it is a differnt kind of fear, reading about people who died for their faith puts our challenges into perspective. It makes me think.

  4. Posted By Barb Leisinger

    On page 28 the author says “…the value of their example is not in the martyrdom itself…but in their commitment to Christ’s lordship.” I love how “coincidentally” various readings tie in with the Sunday morning message. When I wrote my obituary as suggested in the Practices section at the end of the chapter what kept running through my mind was Mark’s challenge a couple of Sundays ago of “Do other people know I am a Jesus follower?” The martyrs we read about were definitely known as Jesus followers. They chose to die to demonstrate their commitment. While I probably won’t have to choose between Christ and death I “…will have to choose between Christ and something else that vies for our (my) ultimate allegiance,” (pg 48). I pray that what I say and do each day demonstrates that I am a Jesus follower and my allegiance is to Him alone.

  5. Posted By Barb Leisinger

    I’m not sure if others are still reading the book because no posts have been made….

    I’ve just finished Chapter 11 “Risk,” and have questions but I’ll start with just one. Can someone take a risk if the outcome is known? On page 279 the author says, “God chose to risk everything in the incarnation; such a risk was costly beyond measure.” If God is omniscient He knows the outcome so is He taking a risk. I don’t argue He made a sacrifice but a risk?

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