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Baptism at the lake? I’m in!

If you’ve been around Westwood for any length of time, you’ve probably come to realize that we have a baptism and membership celebration twice a year.  These are some of the best Sunday services to be a part of, and they happen once in the fall, and once in the spring.

But is it time for a change?  Not a change to stop doing it this way, but rather, a change to have baptism and membership become a more accessible and relational part of our church life.

We’ve talked with many people who would like to be baptised and formally identify themselves as part of the Westwood community, but they have not yet done so for one or two reasons:  1) the idea of talking in front of hundreds of people freaks them out, and/or 2) the two days a year that we have the celebration services don’t fit with their schedule.

Honestly, those are horrible reasons to not be baptised, and we want to remove those obstacles!  So … what would you think about having a baptism at the lake each summer, in addition to our regular spring/fall services in the church?  The formality of the church auditorium would be replaced with the community of people at the lake.  We could do it on a Sunday afternoon/evening, bring our bbq’s, food and friends, and make a real celebration of it.  Imagine being a part of “church” at the lake this summer!

If you are interested in being baptised and becoming a member this summer, let me knowTwo dates to keep in mind are July 24th for the Discover Westwood course (from lunch to dinner), and August 7th for the baptism at the lake.

What do you think?  Are you in?

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