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Dusting Off the Christian Life Certificate

One of the core values that has been part of Westwood for many years is education.  Specifically, education that is not just about information, but is also about transformation.  A number of years ago (2007-08), I developed a church-based discipleship framework that we started to deploy.  During the last couple of years of ministry and leadership transitions the framework faded to the back, but I think that now might be the time to “resurrect” it (or at least something that is similar).

At it’s core, the goal of the Christian Life Certificate is to help people become “increasingly healthy, vibrant, and effective witnesses for Jesus in Prince George and around the world”.

Assuming a three-semester model at Westwood (Sep-Nov, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun), the model suggests courses like this, grouped into four focused areas of Christian life and ministry:

Biblical Studies

  • BS101 – History and Literature of the Old Testament (C)
  • BS110 – History and Literature of the New Testament (C)
  • BS114 – The Pentateuch
  • BS122 – Jesus and the Gospels
  • BS210 – Genesis
  • BS212 – The Prophets
  • BS215 – Life and Teachings of Jesus (C)
  • BS217 – Writings of John
  • BS220 – Biblical Theology

Cultural Engagement

  • CE101 – History of the Christian Church (C)
  • CE103 – Worldviews
  • CE104 – Sharing our Faith
  • CE105 – Introduction to World Religions
  • CE106 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • CE110 – Introduction to World Missions
  • CE115 – Service Practicum / Missions Trip

Church Ministry

  • CM103 – Spiritual Gifts
  • CM104 – Disciple-making Retreat
  • CM108 – Team Leadership
  • CM109 – Technology
  • CM111 – Leading a Life Group
  • CM210 – Youth Ministries
  • CM214 – Children’s Ministries
  • CM218 – Worship Ministries

Personal Development

  • PD101 – Creating Space for God
  • PD102 – Christian Spirituality (C)
  • PD104 – Prayer
  • PD105 – Spiritual Disciplines Retreat
  • PD107 – Good $ense
  • PD110 – Parenting
  • PD112 – Improving Your Marriage
  • PD205 – Introduction to Counselling
  • PD210 – Introduction to Psychology

Courses would be 4-6 weeks in length, would vary from semester to semester, and would generally be offered from each of the four Christian life and ministry areas each semester.  Extended courses marked with a (C) could qualify for credit at UNBC, Columbia Bible College, Ambrose University College, and Briercrest College.  Courses that are coloured blue have been offered during the last couple of years.  Finally, if someone were to complete six courses as described below, they would complete Westwood’s “Christian Life Certificate” program:

  • Three courses in Biblical Studies
  • One course in Personal Development
  • One course in Cultural Engagement
  • Once course in Church Ministry

Well, there you have it.  :)  A path we’ve started down in the past, and perhaps a path that we should follow in the future.  What do you think?



  1. Posted By Leslie

    Hi Mark!
    Are you planning on offering any of the above noted courses/groups (on the Christian Life Certificate post from April 2011) in the near future? We would especially be interested in some of the UNBC credit courses…

  2. Posted By Mark

    Good question – the plan at this point is to offer Introduction to the New Testament in September. It would be great if you could take it!

  3. Posted By Karyn

    Are you still offering these?

  4. Posted By Mark

    Unfortunately, UNBC is not offering the Christian Studies courses at this time, as the core instructor is not currently available to teach.

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