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New Q&A Series!

Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but you didn’t know who to ask?  Have you ever had a question about Christianity, but you were afraid to ask? Join us in September for an interactive Q&A series about Christianity and the Bible On September 14th, we will kick-off a three week teaching series that will be driven […]

The Twelve: Haggai

August 24, 2014 Mark Wessner Book of Haggai        

The Twelve: Joel

August 17, 2014 Steve Wilson Book of Joel        

The Twelve: Obidiah

August 10, 2014 Ryan Beer Book of Obadiah        

Spruceland School Sponsorship

Westwood Church has been given a great opportunity to partner with Spruceland Elementary School to help those in need in our school system. To see how you can help support this initiative check out the attached pdf. Spruceland Sponsorship

The Twelve: Zephaniah

August 3, 2014 Ryan Beer Book of Zephaniah   Click on this link to see video shown at service.    

The Twelve: Habakkuk

July 27, 2014 Mark Wessner Book of Habakkuk            

The Twelve: Nahum

July 20, 2014 Craig Reimer Book of Nahum            

Summer Reading

In recent weeks, I have been asked a few times about books I’ve read, recommended reading, etc.  So … here is a list of some books I’ve read in recent months, with a one sentence summary and whether or not I would recommend each book: A More Beautiful Question – Well researched and well written, […]

The Twelve: Micah

July 13, 2014 Mark Wessner Micah 4:1-5